Era of Empire Farm Accounts Strategy

Era of Empire Farm Accounts Strategy Details

Sometimes the need to have more than one game account is necessary to gain an advantage. Below are a few strategies to help.

First and foremost, specialize your farm accounts in only one resource type. That is, have a food farm, a wood farm, etc. Inform your Alliance of your farms to ensure they stay away. To allow your main account to freely plunder without the loss of troops, do not build turrets. And when plundering (at least once a day), be sure to empty the farm of troops prior to. Place farm accounts immediately adjacent to the your main Castle to minimize the marching distance needed when plundering for resources. However, gather from resource nodes 40km to 100km away from your alliance hive. This allows your main account and your alliance to gather closer nodes.

Recommended Castle level is 11. This allows for a total of three marches and better research.  You can reach Castle Lv.11 in roughly seven days by focusing on only the items needed for Castle upgrade. If Castle Lv. is higher than 11, train Battering Ram, load 25 (slow).

If the sole purpose of an farm account is to gathering resources, train tier I Chariots. Bricole have low upkeep that minimizing food upkeep while having an amazing load amount. Do not train Cavalry, they have low load.

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