Era of Empire Castle Upgrading Strategy

Era of Empire Castle Upgrading Strategy Details

  • Save your food gathering for last – highly important – your troops will consume it while you gather other resources. You first want to gather all your wood, iron, and crystal that you need first. Once you have done that, then gather food; this ensures you avoid paying expensive upkeep.
  • Build farm accounts to gather even more materials. Having at least six farm accounts (food x2, wood x1, iron x1, and crystal x1) helps gather much faster. When in need of resources, simply attack your farm accounts as needed. Note: this gets very time consuming (setup and maintain).
  • Fight world monsters. Monster have a decent amount of resources. Do not use them unless needed. More so, enemies will not be able to plunder them and they are immune to troop upkeep.
  • Do not turn in quest that render resource rewards right away. Save them for when you need resources for a Castle upgrade instead.
  • Use upkeep reduction items to reduce your troop food upkeep.
  • Use gather bonus items to increase resource gathering speed.
  • Use resource boost items to increase Castle resource production.

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