Fighting Players


In Z War, attacking another player is easy…successfully attacking another player might not be so easy. No matter the reasons for attacking another player (resources, Alliance, revenge, Kill Event, etc.), strategy is key.

Key Strategy Factors

  • Player Level (HQ Level)
    • Their Wall level will be at the same level or one level below; which means more fortifications they can have.
  • Unit Power
    • Under the Exclamation point on the Target player, their Information is provided. Avoid someone with a much higher Unit power than yours.
  • Currently Online?
    • Investigate if your target player is online (actively collecting resources, attacking monsters, World Chat, etc.) to eliminate the possibility of  them shielding, relocating, etc.
  • Recon
    • This will provide a Recon Report. Depending on your Recon level (Radar Tower, Radar Research), details of their defenses and units will be displayed.
  • Request for Information
    • Ask Alliance member if they have attacked your target before for possible previous battle report or other knowledge (known heavy fortification user or favors specific Unit types).

Attack Preparation

  • Equip your Hero with Attack Increasing Weapon, Headgear, and Clothes from the Armory.
  • Use Assault Boost or Life Boost to increase attack.
  • Activate VIP to increase Unit attack and HP boost.
  • Buy Research in the Prison for chance for random Attack Increase buff.
  • For your own protection, have at least one Shield, Recall, and Random Explorer.
    • Note: Hospitals do not heal attacking units; they are killed.


Following a successful Recon, selecting the right units to attack is key. The Recon results offers your target’s Unit type and level. Use this information to decide how to attack.

  • Melee: Experts at killing Gunners.
  • Gunner: Experts at killing Vehicles
  • Vehicles: Experts at killing Melee
  • Artillery: Experts at killing Wall Fortifications

Stopping an Attack

  • Recall your march prior to reaching your Target
  • Your Target Shields prior to reaching them
  • Your Target relocates

Battle Report

Following an attack, you will receive a Battle Report detailing the outcome of the battle. It displays power lost, resources gained, and the like.

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