Fighting Zombies

In Z War, the Zombie fighting system automatically recommends the best Hero for fighting the selected Zombie. This recommended hero is the expert for fighting the selected zombie. All Heroes are allowed to attack any Zombie; however, more Hit Points (HP) will be lost. You have to option of attacking by single hits (back and forth between the Hero and the Zombie) or Finish Now – instant. Zombie’s level is capped by the Highest level Hero.

Zombies have a set time to refresh, thus if there are too many of the same Zombie type, you have the option to refresh. Utilizing the Refresh option will refresh the current set of Zombies with that of different Zombies or the same Zombies at a different level. Killing Zombies drops a random reward or 10 gold coins. Rewards can be found on the selected Zombie’s drop list. Both, the Stoned-skin Zombie and Boss Zombie have a random drop table.

Once a Hero reaches level 50, the yellow zombies drop silver and food. If a Hero’s health is low, a Biscuit recharges their HP to fight more zombies. Hero Skill Point determine the amount of Zombies Heroes can kill prior to needing a biscuit. Biscuits can be bought in the Items Store for gold, gathered from World Zombies, or can be won from the Clubs Lottery. A Hero’s HP can also be fully restored once they level up.

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