How to Get Free Gold for War and Order

Hello Lords,

Have you been looking for potential ways free-to-play players can get the best out of War and Order? Before we begin, this is not a hack and is 100% legal and Cok still gets paid.

Head over to APPBOUNTY and download/install (Both Iphone and Android compatible).  Clicking the APPBOUNTY link will give you 50 free credits to get started.

Once the app is installed, you have the ability to download 100’s of apps, each app provides you points for downloading them. Once you have 5,000 points you can purchase ITunes or Google Play cards with your points. Once you have redeem them, spend them on War and Order.

This can be a little time consuming; however, it is a great way for free-to-Play players to purchase in game currency. If you don’t feel your phone as enough space, simply delete the app after completion.

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