Oceans and Empires City War Event

Oceans and Empires City War Event Details

Oceans and Empires City War Event are announced and which cities are open for war are declared. The following mechanics detail how city war events play out.

To Join a City War

  • Launch a “Rally Attack” with your Alliance on the declared City in the declared time.
  • Make sure to be a part of an Alliance before joining the Event
  • The declared City will be seizable 30 minutes after the start of the City War Event.

How to Win the City War

The first Alliance to seize the declared City must defend their fort for 30 minutes from other Alliances to successfully have full control over the City. If another Alliance takes over, they must also defend for 30 minutes. The War will last for strictly 6 hours, regardless of the time left for the defense. The last Alliance to take over the City will be the Metropolitan State until the Next City War. Bountiful Rewards up for Grabs.

Honored Reward

Let your Alliance flag shine through the skies of the occupied City. Buffs will be given out by the City depending on the population by the time it got occupied. The Alliance leader will have the privilege to change the TAX rates within the City trade. Likewise, they will received Silver, which can then be split by Alliance Contribution.

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