Oceans and Empires Joy of Harvest Event

Oceans and Empires Joy of Harvest Event Details

Oceans and Empires Joy of Harvest Event, turkeys got out of the field and went to the ocean. Set your troops and Ships ready for a long journey to hunt every turkey over the vast wide ocean.

Thanksgiving Event Period:

17 November 16:00 PST – 30 November 16:00 PST


How to Participate

Collect the “Joy of Harvest” tokens found in Resource Islands (Farm, Lumber, Iron and Silver). The number of “Joy of Harvest” items received depends on the amount of resources collected. As soon as you have Joy of Harvest tokens, you can hunt Turkeys out in the ocean. Joy of Harvest tokens are consumed based on the level of Turkey killed. For example: Joy of Harvest x30 is good for: Five (5) Lv.30 Turkeys or Ten (10) Lv.15 Turkeys or Thirty (30) Lv.5 Turkeys. Depending on the level of Turkey, higher experience and resources gained.

Joy of Harvest Turkey Level Requirements

  • Joy of Harvest x1 = Lv.5 Turkey
  • Joy of Harvest x2 = Lv. 10 Turkey
  • Joy of Harvest x3 = Lv.15 Turkey
  • Joy of Harvest x4 = Lv. 20 Turkey
  • Joy of Harvest x5 = Lv. 25 Turkey
  • Joy of Harvest x6 = Lv. 30 Turkey

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