War and Order Elite Wars

War and Order Elite Wars Details

War and Order Elite Wars, a new cross-server alliance battle system, are battles of the best and brightest alliances.


1. Go to your Alliance Castle and find the option to Declare War on another alliance anywhere in the world.
2. Declare a time when lots of your allies will be available to battle. (You can also set a Truce Time each week when no one can Declare War on you.)
3. You and the enemy alliance will meet on a neutral map. You will each have a base at one end of the map, with several Strongholds in between. Fight to occupy Strongholds, cross the map, and invade your enemy’s Base.
4. The winner will be the first team to invade the other’s Base. If no one invades the other’s Base, the team holding the most strongholds when the battle timer ends will win. If both teams hold an equal number of Strongholds, the defending side will win.
5. Earn points and Merit to climb rankings, earn Titles, and get rich rewards!


1. All allies’ castles will be protected by a special shield while they are in an Elite War, but any soldiers outside the castle when they join the war won’t be protected and won’t be able to join their Elite War armies.
2. There are no losses in Elite Wars. All soldiers killed or wounded in an Elite War will be restored when the battle ends. You can heal soldiers wounded in the Elite War during the war for no resource cost. However, they will still take time to heal, so save up those Healing Speeds!
3. Buff items used in the middle of the Elite War won’t take effect. So, remember to use items like Attack & HP buffs or army expansions BEFORE joining the battle.

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