Z War Heroes

Your Z War Hero

You’re the leader of a group of survivors, and it’s up to you to command them to work together and stay alive in the face of terrifying dead and walking boomers. Build up your resource production, enhance your buildings and research new technologies. Your Heroes help with this by providing bonus to various stats. Located in the Headquarters building, you can appoint your Heroes to specific tasks.

Hero Appoinments

  • Engineer – Increases Building Speed +5%. Buff increases once Engineer is equipped with their exclusive suit build from the Armory.
  • Police – Increases Unit Hit Points +10% (City Defense). Buff increases once Engineer is equipped with their exclusive suit build from the Armory.

AllenAn old-fashion cowboy. Before the zombie outbreak, Allen worked in many dangerous areas honing his survival skills. But he never thought he would be using them like this.

  • Suited to Leading your Troops into battle.

AmandaA city planner who possesses a high IQ. Her dream has always been to design a city by herself.

  • Engineer
  • Suited to develop your city.

HaroldHarold has been here before your arrival. It seems like he’s always been protecting the city and keeping out zombies are other hostile intruders.

  • Police
  • Unlocked:
  • Suited to defending your city.

JeffreyJeffrey’s life hasn’t changed that much. Before the outbreak, he was black market arms dealer. After the outbreak, the only thing that changed was it wasn’t illegal anymore.

  • Unlocked: Military Academy Level 15

Hero Upgrade

Killing Zombies, using experience items, and joining in battles with other players level up your heroes. Upon a Hero’s level increase, they are rewarded with three (3) Hero Skill Points.

Hero Skill Points

  • Heroic Strike – Increase Attack power against Zombies
  • Shield Block – Increase Defense power against Zombies
  • Survival Training – Increases Hit Point

Battling Zombies

Though Heroes can battle any Zombie, there is a greater advantage of selecting the correct Hero to battle against a particular Zombie. Each Hero is an expert at killing specific Zombies.

  • Allen: Zombie
  • Amanda: Cursed Ones
  • Harold: Toxic Zombie

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